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Content Writing

My love for writing made content writing the most preferred choice of career for me. Nine years down the line, I know how wrong I was. Creating content for brands was nothing like writing stories. Nowhere even close to it. 

But, as I dived in, I learnt and upgraded my skills. Today, I have a vast experience of creating content in the form of articles, blog posts, listicles, social media posts, website content, and all those love letters, applications, and wedding invitations for family and friends! I don't charge for them, of course.

I have created content across a varied range of industries like travel & tourism, food & beverage, home & lifestyle, hospice services, cricket, financial services, IT services, construction, digital media agencies, healthcare, fitness & sports, fashion to name a few.

My love for cricket made me explore an opportunity for sports writing. I have been a contributing writer for an online youth magazine named Campusghanta, and did exclusive interviews with some top cricketers which are published on the popular sports website Sportskeeda.

If you need a content strategist for creating a strong social media presence for your personal branding or your organisation's branding needs then connect with me here.

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