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The Abstruse

A college girl has the power to predict cricket matches. But her lover thinks otherwise- she has the power to see glimpses of the future and he is right. Things take a turn in their relationship when they realize this. Their trust and love, which were once spontaneous, become carefully thought our choices. And then, she has a vision. A vision to do with her brutal death and her lover. Should she believe in her vision or her most trusted lover? Should she ignore the premonitions or plan escape?

Upcoming Book

Wingless Flight

My upcoming book touches the sensitive topic of marital rape through two parallel stories about women from different generations who are stuck in an abusive marriage.  Their world collides unexpectedly, and everything changes for them after that.​  It's a story of courage and freedom.

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Coming Soon


“A bit of love, a bit of friendship, family, travel and lots of dreams. This beautiful book is wrapped up in some secrets, some beautiful places and an amazing story which keeps you on edge. If you are a reader like me who will sacrifice everything to finish a good book then pick up this as soon as you can!”

“The book is a perfect mix of romance and thriller. The plot of the book will not let the readers put it down without reading it all through, I bet. Harleen Vj's writing style is excellent. She has described all the scenes and incidents so clearly. Characterization is good. The storyline is unique and full of thrill, fun and surprises. Narration is smooth and comprehensive.”

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