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Time, Communication & Relationships

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The world is shrinking as far as communication is concerned, but this shrinking world has increased the radius of intimacy between relations. Everyone around is so engrossed in their undertakings that they are unable to chalk out their priorities appropriately.

Like a sown seed needs continuous nurturing till it grows into a beautiful fruit-bearing tree similarly relations too need constant nurturing for their longevity. Giving time & communicating are the two vital nutrients required for a healthy relationship.

Relationships in today’s time keep going through stringent litmus tests. It has become challenging to maintain a healthy communication, even amongst the closed ones. This is a cumulative result of various factors. The most common and most formidable to deal with aspects are lack of time and the ‘my space’ syndrome.

People fail to understand that communication is the essence of a relationship and cutting down on the communication, whether knowingly or unknowingly, leads to sourness in the relation which turns bitter after a particular time. To avoid this, one should efficiently prioritize time. The ‘my space’ syndrome creates a lot of communication gap between people. Everyone wants there space, but in getting/providing that, the essence of a relationship is lost. Communicating your feelings is essential in every relation.

Nobody has time until they decide to find it. Just giving an excuse for lack of time is effortless. When one tries and wants to be in touch with a person, he’ll find out time by any means. Life is uncertain, and no one knows what’s going to happen the next moment. Losing a person and then regretting makes no sense. One should take care of the relationship when the person is there.

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