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Labyrinth Of Love

Her moans grew louder with the passing second breaching the tranquil silence of the night. The darkness unleashed the beast within her. Her moans turned into pleasurable shrieks. With his final stroke, she yelped his name pinned her nails into his back as he lowered down his face and bit her left nipple. She panted until the tremors of pleasure settled down. She pushed him out and away to the other corner of the bed and curled up on her corner.

He knew this was coming. It’s been the reason he holds onto climaxing soon. Of late, she becomes cold after the heat settles down. He was unable to fathom the reason behind this sudden behavioural change of hers’. He missed cuddling after making love. He tried to reason it out once a few days ago, but she dodged the question.

He spooned her as his hand reached to cup her right breast. He stroked it gently while whispering a kiss into her ears. She lay unmoved. As if he was lying with a corpse. To his surprise, she didn’t behave that way while making love, something that consoled and confused him at the same time. His thoughts took him to that regretful night - the night when he had asked her the inevitable question. He remembered how she had widened her eyes as if he had uttered the forbidden words. But, the path they are walking on lead to that destination. She moved under his hold, bringing him back to reality, to her, to them. She turned towards him and said, “Please turn to your side,” sternly. His face dropped. She was unaffected. He was enraged.

“What is the matter with you?” his voice showcased his restlessness.

“Nothing,” she said as she turned her back towards him.

He didn’t want to fight after expressing love to her in its purest form. He turned his back towards her and kept watching aimlessly into the darkness.

The next morning was the one that he would want to tear off from the book of his life. He woke up to a note on her pillow with a simple line, ‘For us, let’s be away’. He inclined this coming, but he didn’t know that it would come this soon. He thought of calling her but knowing that her cell phone would be switched off, he let go of the idea and waited for her to return. This wasn’t the first time that she had tried to walk away. But, this seemed different than all the previous times. He regretted asking her that question the other night.

After a couple of days of no communication, she showed up drunk at his place late in the evening. Alcohol increased her libido, and he was glad to know that she turned to him. Somehow he took it as a cue for no love lost between them. Indeed, it was. She loved him in a way she never loved anybody else in her past. She felt like an incomplete half without him. He knew it. He knew it all. Yet he failed to understand her actions over the past few days. He was engulfed in those thoughts as he saw her entering the front door.

She placed herself on his lap and began to kiss his lips. He retreated but without passion. She stilled after a few seconds. Parted lips and looked into his eyes. She read the unasked question. She knew what she was doing and what he was expecting. They had known each other since over half a decade now. They knew each other like their skin.

She was high on alcohol and sexual desires. She chose to overlook those questioning eyes as she began to undress her top. He loved her for those freaking mood swings. They were the reason he fell for her. She could be laughing to glory in a moment, and the very next, she could be crying hysterically. She wasn’t the one to hold back her emotions. No matter what emotions they were. And he was the one with whom she didn’t have to think of behaving in a so-called appropriate manner. He was her man, the only one who knew her better than she knew herself.

She inhaled a deep breath and guided his hands to her back over the bra strap. He smiled and obliged. She let out a lustful sigh and placed her breasts over his face. He obliged again. How could a man stay away from such a wild woman! He smiled as he thought and licked her bosom. She saddled herself firmly on him and began to move slowly, rubbing herself over his crotch. He gave in to the temptation and turned her onto the couch. He removed his shirt and pounced on her sucking her lips and bosom blue. She cried with pleasure. But more than the pleasure, it was the tears of guilt. The guilt of torturing him by staying away. The guilt of him accepting her every time despite it all.

He looked up and licked away her tears. She smiled wryly. His hands moved down underneath her mini skirt. He tugged in a finger and rolled down her panty. She watched him with guilty wanton eyes. He moved down and saddled her legs over his shoulder. She oozed in anticipation of what was to follow. He smiled at himself for doing that to her. He moved closer and blew warm breath over her wetness. She quivered and yelled in pleasure. He took out his tongue and rolled over her length. She closed her eyes and gulped down a lump in her throat. He made way into her by flapping his tongue into her breadth. She trembled. He rolled his tongue in slow circles torturing her with pleasure. She oozed. He continued tormenting her with his tongue until his thirst was quenched by her cum.

She pulled him up by his hair and locked lips. Her hands rummaged his back. She was overwhelmed with pleasure as well as guilt. That was her way of apologizing. She whispered, ‘Sorry’ on his lips. He smiled and rolled his tongue into her mouth. They lay half-naked into each other’s arms for quite some time.

He tried to break the silence. She knew what was coming. That is what she has been running away from. She frisked down on him and undid his fly. He let out a sigh as he knew she still wasn’t in a mood to discuss that question. It was her turn to return the favour. She unfurled his thick manhood which grew more prominent in her hands. She blushed and looked into his eyes. He closed his eyes as her tongue touched the tip of his manhood. She took it into her mouth slowly. He moaned. She was halfway there when he suddenly turned her under her and whispered, “No, you can’t win here too,” and removed her skirt. She chuckled and went silent immediately. The guilt came forth, yet again.

He unfurled his manhood over her and entered her slowly. Halfway in, he pushed himself inside with a strong jerk making her cry out. He did mean to hurt her but with love. His anger boosted his thrusts. It was his way to let her know how angry he was. He kept thrusting harder; she kept pleading. They both calmed down as they climaxed together. She kept sobbing. He lay over her, indifferent to her, sobs his face buried between her neck and shoulder.

She woke up with dried tears on her cheeks and him watching over her sitting on a chair across the couch she was sleeping on. His eyes spoke louder than his words. She couldn’t muster the courage to meet his eyes. She turned her bare back towards him and whispered a feeble sorry.

“Don’t apologize, love. Reason it out with me. Will you? Please.”

“I would have reasoned it out if only I understood myself.”

“Leave that part to me. I understand you better than you.”

“That’s what scares me.”

“There’s nothing to be scared about. I love you.”

“Your love scares me, love,” she began weeping.

“Why?” his voice was stern.

“I… I… I want it to remain this way.”

“Why do you feel that that will ruin it?”

“It happened in the past. It will happen…”

“Shh…” he sat next to her on the couch and turned her towards him. “Look at me,” he held her by her bare shoulders. “Past doesn’t always repeat itself,” he lowered his face and kissed her shoulders, “I, sorry, we are here to change it,” he moved to kiss from his right shoulder to left.

“I am afraid to be a part of us. I can’t do…”

He cut her midsentence and placed his lips over hers’ and whispered, “I want you to trust me when I say we. Without your trust, I shall remain I,” he kissed her lips softly.

“But…” she was stopped midway again as he deepened the kiss.

“But nothing. Nothing at all,” he whispered into her mouth.

He pulled down her mini skirt and took off his pants, “Our love isn’t questionable,” he said as he prepared himself to go inside her, “and I don’t like anybody or us questioning it,” he slowly entered into her. “I want you back, which trusted me. This isn’t the you who loves me,” he thrust slowly. “We have known each other for over half a decade. Where does the question of changing arise when nothing has changed in all these years?” he continued thrusting gently. “The love, the passion, the desire for each other won’t change with that. It’s all a fragment of your fictitious fearful imagination,” he kept moving slowly inside her. “Listening to that will deepen my love for you, and I know it will happen to you too,” he increased the pace a little, “I want you to show that trust in us. Please don’t fail me at this juncture. Don’t leave me stranded at the labyrinth of love. Don’t do this to us now, love. Just don’t. Our love isn’t as feeble as you are thinking it to be. Get rid of your phobia. That will only make it grow stronger by the day. I am about to climax. Are you convinced?” he said while thrusting a little faster.

“I do! I do! I do!” she cried as she climaxed with him.

He collapsed on her with a part of him still inside her. They smiled. Their love smiled.

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