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That Night At The Bar

The night had begun to fade away into sadness. Her desires were emanating from her eyes with every passing second. She wished she had a man beside her tonight, but that wasn't her fate, at least for the night. Shooing away the thoughts she turned around in the bar and caught his eyes on her. She intently watched his eyes shamelessly tracing her silhouette. He was too busy with the new sapphire he had found. Unaware of the chaos around, his eyes were on her.

She fixed her eyes on him and followed where they went. She began the play by taking her hands where his eyes were. She rested her left arm on her left thigh. From there, she began tracing his eyes. He moved further below to her legs. She took off her stilettos and moved her right foot over the left leg. His stare reached her hands. She caressed her left one with the right. He understood he's being watched. He moved his eyes upwards and caught her gaze. Embarrassed, he thought of looking away, but before he could take his eyes off her, he saw a smile on her lips. An inviting smile, he called it.

He smiled and nodded in response. Guilty, wanton, confused all at once; he mustered the courage to walk up to her. He stood beside her on the bar counter. She tilted her head with a glass of red wine in her hand. Their eyes devoured each other inch by inch. Her lips turned into an upward curve. She bowed her head, smiled to herself, nodded and looked up at him. His eyes were watching her with amusement. She nodded again and looked at the glass in her hand. She rolled her tongue on the glass rim as she took a sip. He watched with a suppressed smile on his face.

She closed her eyes as she raised her glass to gulp down the wine. Her long bent neck made her even desirable. He watched her gulp down the wine in slow sips. Each sip cascaded down her throat. He found it hard to sit there and watch her. She opened her eyes, caught his lascivious eyes and laughed mercilessly at him.

Offended, he looked away. She popped on her feet and moved closer to him. With an intoxicating smile, she planted a kiss on his cheeks. He beamed and moved a hand on her waist. Her fingers traced his face. He held her onto her waist. Love handles were his favourite place. He pulled her closer and let out a breath on her neck as he moved forward to kiss her. His breath on her neck made her quiver. She was full of desires and shameless enough to unveil them. His tongue traced the length of her neck. She let out a soft lustful moan. His hands travelled down to her hips. With a jerk, he pushed her closer to him. The proximity, his warm breath, his fragrance and her lustful desires made her legs tremble. With a final thought, she whispered in his ears 'Let's get behind closed doors'.

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